About Mukuubela Community Charity

Mukuubela Community Charity is a newly formed charity, operating in Rural areas of Africa where a lot of the people in the community are very poor.
We would like to reach the grass roots level, which big charities do not reach.

The people in these areas are:

 Very hard working, have land but have no implements and means to till the land to feed, or cloth themselves or their families.

 Intelligent but are unable to go to school, since they cannot afford basics like books and school uniforms.

Very far from schools and as such letting their children walk to school is not an option.

Quite far from Clinics or Hospitals in that they still die from Minor treatable diseases or ailments.

Living near Clinics or Hospitals, which have few or no basic medications or equipment.

Living in areas where water table is high and reachable with basic equipment, they still have unsafe drinking water.

Not Computer literate and most of them have never seen or used a computer before; in this modern age, unlike a lot of people, they have no choice.

Our Aims and Objectives
To work together with the local communities to raise funds and equipment, to enable them to fend for themselves with dignity.

 Assist them to form a Local Farming Cooperative, which will enable them to work their land to grow crops in order to feed themselves and a surplus for sale, to cloth their families.

To provide books, uniforms and equipments (Pens, Pencils, Paper, Computers and all the basics) to start them on the road to a better future, by assisting them with the means to better education.

With the help of the local communities, and overseas donations of funds and materials, to build a fully stocked School and Clinic, with a Mini Bus to ferry children to School and patients to the Clinic. The Charity plans to do this in all needy communities.

To sink bore holes with the help of the communities, to provide safe drinking water.

Mukuubela Community Services is a registered charity.
Registered in the Republic of Zambia
Charity No. 82879